Sustainable bike fashion

Shimano - Sustainability for the love of nature

Cycling and environmental protection go hand in hand in many ways. Beautiful cycling routes usually lead you through stunning natural landscapes and every journey by bike is much more sustainable than short journeys by car. The bike expert Shimano has lived this love of nature and cycling since its founding and has been committed to environmentally friendly development for several years. We show you how sustainable the products already are.

Cycling in nature always feels special.
Cycling in nature always feels special.

For cyclists and for the environment

Shimano's mission claim translates as: "We promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us." This illustrates the company's close connection to the environment. The theme of environmental awareness is also reflected in the Business Policy. In addition to the promise to create reliable and high-quality products, the Japanese manufacturer is also committed to preserving the environment and contributing to the prosperity of the community.

Great words are followed by deeds. For years, the bike expert has been striving for more sustainable processes and products, as well as actions that benefit nature. Shimano not only wants to bring the joy of cycling closer to its customers, but also to set a good example in terms of sustainability.

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More sustainable products for cyclists

In Shimano's portfolio you will find more and more products that are made entirely from recycled or upcycled materials.

Shimano Evolve jerseys and bibs, for example, are made from recycled elastane and recycled polyester. This saves resources, reduces plastic waste and still lasts for years. The same goes for Shimano Sumire shorts and selected jerseys as well as other products from the manufacturer. 

The REVO shorts by Shimano are a special highlight because they are made from upcycled airbags. Once used to protect car drivers, the material now protects cyclists on their tours. The special thing about airbag material is that it is particularly robust and tear-resistant, which makes it the ideal material for bike shorts. The Shimano REVO shorts protect you from abrasion and accompany you for almost a lifetime.

Sustainable materials are not only used by Shimano in bike fashion. They also get a second life in the equipment. For example, the upper layers of Shimano seat pads are made from recycled materials that still guarantee the necessary padding and robustness.

Environmentally conscious thinking at all levels

Shimano's sustainable processes include not only the products themselves, but also their packaging. Sustainable materials are also used here. In addition, the company strives to reduce the design to the smallest possible size in order to save resources in the long run. For easier recycling of the material used, very little ink is used, which has an impact on the material structure. Nevertheless, the packaging is stable and safe for transporting the products.

Nature conservation has many faces. The rethinking of companies in terms of production and logistics is one of them. But Shimano thinks even further and actively campaigns for more trees. Together with Treedom, the bike specialist has launched the Shimano MTB Clothing Forest campaign. The aim is to plant 5,000 new fruit trees in rural areas in Guatemala and Madagascar. This not only helps local farmers, but helps reduce CO₂ in the air. In the first 10 years of life, the trees could already absorb 400,000 kilograms of CO₂! You can find all further information on Shimano's MTB articles. So next time, look carefully at the label!

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