Salewa Committed

New label for social and environmental responsibility

Salewa Committed

Salewa has been offering durable and high-quality mountain sports products for more than 70 years. It is very important to the Italian outdoor brand to leave an ecological footprint as small as possible. In order to clearly identify particularly sustainable products for customers when making purchasing decisions, the Salewa Committed label was introduced with the spring-summer 2022 collection. Find out which products are allowed to carry this label.

Label for social and environmental responsibility

The development of socially and environmentally responsible products has always been very important to Salewa. The "Salewa Committed" symbol is intended to help customers recognise the true value of a product at a glance. A special in-house scheme has been developed to classify the products.

A Salewa product is only marked with a Committed symbol if it meets both mandatory criteria and at least one additional criterion.

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Committed criteria

To label a product with the new Salewa Committed label, there are two criteria that must be met in every case:

All products are subjected to a chemical test. This is done in accordance with the Oberalp Chemical Guideline, an internal document establishing a formal procedure that prohibits or at least limits the use of hazardous substances in Salewa products and production processes. The tests are carried out either in cooperation with external laboratories or through the certifications of independent third parties, such as bluesign®.

In addition, the control of social standards and working conditions in the production sites is mandatory. Both the company's own offices and the production sites of suppliers are audited. The external audit is always valid for three years. The fact that this topic is taken particularly seriously by Salewa is shown by their leader status with the Fair Wear Foundation.

Additional criteria

In addition to the two mandatory criteria, at least one of the following points must be met.

PFC-free: Salewa has set itself the goal of eliminating the use of environmentally harmful perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals, or PFCs, in the manufacturing process. This criterion only applies to models with a durable water repellency (DWR) finish.

Upcycling & Recycling: This criterion applies if at least 50 percent of a product's weight is made from upcycled or recycled materials. This means that waste materials or by-products are converted into a new material / product or, for example, recycled polyester is used in the manufacturing process.

Down from responsible farming: One of the most important Salewa Committed criteria is that all down contained in a product is certified according to the Responsible Down Standard. This ensures that any animal welfare standards are met in the extraction of the down.

Natural / renewable materials: This means that at least 50 percent of the product is made from one or a combination of the following materials: viscose, wool - TirolWool® or certified wool without mulesing, Tencel®, linen, hemp or cotton.

Salewa products that carry the Committed label can therefore be purchased with a clear conscience.

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Truly sustainable

The Salewa Committed label identifies products that meet strict internal criteria regarding social and environmental responsibility. Find out more in the video!

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