Groundbreaking ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new SportFits headquarters

Our shop grows steadily from year to year. More and more brands and products are added to offer you the best possible selection of outdoor and winter sports articles. For this reason, we are building a new company headquarters with sufficient space and a modern auto-store warehouse. The groundbreaking ceremony at the beginning of February marks the official start of the construction phase.

More room for products

A preview of the new building.
A preview of the new building.

Since its foundation in 2017, the SportFits warehouse has already been expanded twice through relocations. Now, we need even more space, because we currently stock around 200 brands with over 100,000 items and send out around 40,000 parcels a month. A big difference from the two to five parcels per day with which everything started in the small office. And we continue to grow! Both in the product range and in staff!



To create more space for growth, plans were made to build a central location. The new building, which is being built in the municipality of Salzweg north of Passau, combines all the competences of warehouse, logistics, support, procurement and marketing in one place for even more efficient cooperation. 

In an earlier article, we already told you which highlights and technologies are planned.

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Celebration with supporters, partners and employees

The groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated with partners, guests and employees.
The groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated with partners, guests and employees.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the official start of construction took place at the beginning of February and was attended by both guests and employees. In addition to the management, partners such as the Goldbeck company from Regensburg, which has been supporting the project since the earliest planning phase, as well as representatives of the Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig eG, which supports us in the area of financing, were also present. The mayor of the municipality of Salzweg, Josef Putz, and a member of the management of the municipality of Salzweg, Alexander Herberger, were also present.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place under a bright winter sky and was celebrated with mulled wine and snacks. The next celebration is expected to follow in summer 2023 when the building will be completed.

This milestone is the result of thorough planning, a lot of heart and soul and courageous business decisions. Managing Director Florian Weis said:

The planning phase was really a turbulent time. Funding freezes, cost increases and energy crises came our way. But now we are here and the ground-breaking ceremony is the signal that things are really getting started.
Florian Weis

We are already very excited about the new headquarters and look forward to sharing the first impressions of the new SportFits home in our magazine and on social media.