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Reusch Taking Care: Sustainable processes & materials

For glove expert Reusch, becoming a company that wants to take on ecological responsibility is an important step. With new processes and materials, the brand is committed to doing its part to protect our environment. To achieve this, Reusch has launched the "Taking Care" programme. Here we present the programme in detail and show you the first materials and products that have resulted from it.

Goals & first results

Reusch focuses on sustainable development with Taking Care.
Reusch focuses on sustainable development with Taking Care.

Reusch's "Taking Care" programme has set itself several concrete goals to make the company more sustainable. Firstly, Reusch wants to manufacture products without perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) by winter 2024 and use almost exclusively recycled materials for R-TEX® XT products, linings, insulation and inserts by the end of 2025.

The production and logistics processes are also to be made more innovative and sustainable in consultation with partners in order to optimise the entire chain step by step.

Reusch's initiative has already celebrated its first successes. For example, the gloves in the autumn/winter 23/24 collection are already made from PFC-free shell material. Reusch is also focussing on recycled and recyclable materials and FSC-certified paper when it comes to packaging.

Another highlight is the development of new materials that combine sustainability and functionality, such as GORE-TEX ePE.

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GORE-TEX ePE membrane

The new material guarantees quality & comfort.
The new material guarantees quality & comfort.

Reusch's newly developed membrane guarantees quality and durability with a low ecological impact. With GORE-TEX ePE, Reusch eliminates 100 per cent of PFCs and relies on laminates with an improved carbon footprint.

What makes the material so special is its lightweight yet mechanically robust composite materials, which enable an optimum strength-to-weight ratio. This ensures that the GORE-TEX ePE gloves are light and hard-wearing. In addition, they are waterproof, breathable and windproof.

Depending on the laminate, the products are bluesign® recognised and certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 as a sign of sustainability.

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GORE-TEX ePE gloves by Reusch

Models such as Explorer Pro R-Tex PCR or Discovery GORE-TEX Touch-tec already utilise GORE-TEX ePE.
Models such as Explorer Pro R-Tex PCR or Discovery GORE-TEX Touch-tec already utilise GORE-TEX ePE.

Several Reusch gloves already utilise the new GORE-TEX ePE membrane. For example, the Explorer Pro R-Tex PCR women's glove made from 3-layer softshell, chrome-free leather and biodegradable PrimaLoft® Silver Bio insulation. Inside, 100 per cent recycled PCR lining keeps you warm.

Unisex models such as the Reusch Discovery GORE-TEX Touch-tec and Discovery GORE-TEX Touch-tec Lobster for ski touring and freeskiing also feature the new material. They also come with the patented Reusch Heat Capture System™ technology, which stores heat and forms a barrier against wind, snow and cold.

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