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Baselayers by Löffler

Made from recycled materials

Sustainability on your skin: new baselayers from Löffler

Functional underwear plays an important role in winter. Baselayers keep you warm and dry both when skiing and on winter walks. In our search for new products in this area, we came across the transtex® RETR'X collection from Löffler. We explain what is so special about these garments.

The advantages of Löffler's transtex® RETR'X

Strategic compression in functional underwear boosts blood circulation and supports your performance.
Strategic compression in functional underwear boosts blood circulation and supports your performance.

Löffler has been known for revolutionising the market for functional sports textiles since the 1970s. With the new transtex® RETR'X collection, the Austrian brand has succeeded in combining performance and sustainability to achieve a new level of functionality in baselayers.

The main component of the new RETR'X material is recycled polypropylene, one of the lightest fibres available. It absorbs moisture during intensive activities and simultaneously releases it to the outside. 

Here's how it works: The innovative transtex® RETR'X material is created using a two-layer knitting technique. The recycled polypropylene (68%) on the outside is combined with a soft recot² fibre made from recycled cotton and organic cotton (32%).

The new transtex® RETR'X collection from Löffler offers many benefits: in addition to the fact that all garments are sustainable, they also ensure optimum climate management of the body.

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All advantages at a glance
  • Optimum climate management
  • Perfect wicking
  • Quick-drying
  • Odour-neutral
  • Heat-insulating
  • Optimal freedom of movement

A collection with an ISPO Award Winner

The Löffler transtex® RETR'X collection offers various items of clothing for both men and women to ensure you are properly equipped from head to toe during your sporting activities. 

When it comes to trousers, you can choose between long underpants and 3/4 trousers. For the top, in addition to a T-shirt, there is also a longsleeve and the ISPO Award 2022-winning rollneck with a moulded high stand-up collar.

Thanks to the two-layer design, the transtex® RETR'X pieces offer optimum climate management and excellent wicking properties. Löffler has deliberately kept the design simple and timeless. This means you can combine the base layers with the rest of your outfit as you wish.

The transtex® material

In this video, Dominique Roshardt, Product Manager at Löffler Sportswear, explains the properties of this special fibre in functional winter underwear.

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Regional production

RETR'X is produced exclusively at the Löffler headquarters in Ried im Innkreis.

There are a number of labels and certificates within the textile industry. For example, Löffler RETR'X production is STeP-certified. This certification is applicable for production companies at all processing stages that want to communicate their environmental measures credibly and transparently to the public.

This means that the recycled materials used in the production of transtex® RETR'X are all non-toxic and safe. By purchasing these garments, you are also helping to protect the environment.

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