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How to find the right clothing size

Choosing the right clothing size: How to measure correctly!

You often order clothes online, but you always have the same problem: The clothes arrive, you like them, but unfortunately they are too short, too long, too tight or too wide. We know that can be frustrating. But from now on, there's an end to bad purchases and unnecessary returns - in this magazine article, we show you how to easily determine your own clothing size and always find clothes that fit thanks to correct measurements.

To make sure your new clothes fit perfectly, we recommend using our size charts. The best way to do this is to take a tape measure beforehand to determine your body measurements correctly. The biggest challenge is to place the tape measure in the right places. Here’s how it works:

Correct measurements for upperwear

Guide the measuring tape around the chest straight but not constricting.
Guide the measuring tape around the chest straight but not constricting.

To ensure that you order the right size of tops such as sweaters, jackets or T-shirts from now on, you can measure in several different places at once. The measuring tape should be placed close to the body at the same height at each measuring point and should not constrict.

Chest measurement: Measure once around your body at the widest part of your upper body below the armpits.

Height: Stand up straight and measure yourself from the top to the bottom in the traditional way. You can also use a folding rule here.

Waist measurement: Measure just below your belly button.

Hip measurement: The tape measure should be taken around the widest part of your buttocks.

Arm length: If you want to be on the safe side with jackets or sweaters, you can also take a look at the arm length. To do this, measure in a straight line from the base of your neck to the top of your shoulder and from there to your wrist. Keep your arm relaxed and slightly bent.

Correct measurements for bottomwear

Measure at the widest part of your butocks.
Measure at the widest part of your butocks.

Of course, your pants should also fit perfectly and not constrict you anywhere or be the wrong length. Just as with tops, it is important to measure in the right places so that you feel really comfortable in your new trousers later on.

Hip measurement: Again, measure at the widest part of your buttocks.

Waist circumference: Measure just below your belly button and make sure that the tape measure is at the same height around your body.

Inside leg length: To find out the correct length of your trousers, measure from the crotch on the inside of the leg to just below the ankle.

Now that you have all your measurements, you can use our useful aid in the form of the SportFits size charts. They serve as a guide and should help you to choose the right size!

Practical: the SportFits size charts

 Compare your measurements with the information in the size chart.
Compare your measurements with the information in the size chart.

In our online store, there is a size chart for most items, which you can use to compare the measured sizes with the standard clothing sizes.

You can find this table either at the bottom of the product page or in the list of available sizes by clicking on the "Size advice" button.

For products where a size chart is included, you should definitely use it before placing your order. This way, you can avoid bad purchases as much as possible and reduce the number of unnecessary returns.



Video instructions: It's that simple

To make the whole thing even easier to understand and to ensure that nothing really stands in the way of choosing the right clothing size, we have prepared a visual guide for you in our video. Have fun measuring and shopping!

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