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Bike clothing: Best equipped with these tips!

Before you get on your bike, you should make sure that you are properly equipped for your trip. Biking is only fun with the right bike clothing! The most important thing for cycling tours of any kind is the helmet. In the event of a fall, it protects you from serious head injuries.

In addition, there are also special cycling shoes that bring certain advantages depending on the bike. Everything you need to know about cycling shoes can be found here:

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More fun on the bike with the right clothing
More fun on the bike with the right clothing
In this magazine article, however, we will focus on cycling clothing. Again, cyclists have countless options to choose from. The trick is to dress neither too cold nor too warm. This depends, on the one hand, on the type of cycling tour and, on the other, on the weather conditions. 

Cycling pants

When cycling, the seat area including the buttocks is subjected to the greatest stress. Therefore, the choice of cycling pants, taking into account your own riding style and the hardness of the bike saddle, plays a very decisive role. Especially beginners know the feeling of an aching butt after only a few minutes of riding...

Much more comfortable: cycling shorts with seat padding
Much more comfortable: cycling shorts with seat padding
To ensure that the fun doesn't stop before it starts, you should definitely get yourself some high-quality cycling shorts. In the best case models with seat pads! These increase the seat area, you sit softer and the unpleasant feeling of pain comes later or in the best case not at all.

The thickness of the seat pad varies depending on the manufacturer and forms an additional layer between the sit bones and the saddle.

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Important: When buying your cycling pants, make sure that the waistband is not too tight at the thighs. Due to the strong strain on the muscles and the continuous pedaling motion, the circumference of the thighs will increase in the course of your cycling tour. If the cycling shorts are already too tight when cold, you should always opt for a size larger. 

Cycling jackets and vests

Prepared for all eventualities with jackets or vests
Prepared for all eventualities with jackets or vests
If it is not the height of summer, we recommend that you complete your outfit with a cycling jacket or vest. It should not be underestimated that the wind can influence the perception of temperature. Responsible for this is the so-called wind chill effect. This describes the difference between the actual and perceived temperature and can often amount to several degrees. 

The layer look has proven itself in uncertain weather or transitional seasons. However, you should always make sure that your cycling jacket or vest has certain functional features.

Sufficient ventilation is particularly important. On inclement days, it should, if possible, also be windproof or even waterproof. For the cold season, there are special cycling jackets with thermal functional materials and high collar.

You can find a large selection of cycling jackets here:

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In dry weather, cyclists also like to use light cycling vests. They protect against wind, offer sufficient freedom of movement and can be put on very quickly if necessary. Due to their small dimensions, they can also be quickly stowed away again when they are no longer needed.

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Practical: Arm and leg warmers

If you are unsure about the weather, arm warmers and leg warmers are often the ideal solution. These look like cut-off sleeves and pants and are simply pulled over the arms or legs, as needed.

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Even more professional: Cycling jerseys

Many cyclists, whether professional or not, are very fond of cycling jerseys. Not only are they breathable, stylish and comfortable, but they are also perfectly suited to a cyclist's needs. Tight-fitting for road cyclists, especially comfortable for hobby cyclists or cool and wide cut for mountain bikers.

But not only the cut is adapted to the area of use - also elements such as zippers, cuffs or pockets are found in the position where they make sense for the respective cyclist.

Special functional fibers ensure that the jerseys do not soak up sweat, but remain pleasantly dry and wick moisture away from the body.

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With the right cycling clothing, cycling is fun in any season and in (almost) any weather.

Our tip: Always pay attention to the quality of the clothing. It's better to spend a little more money on a piece of clothing and then enjoy it for a really long time.

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